Hanging around with talent

It’s pretty early days in the second chapter of my attempt at making art, in fact im really only a fledgling although I should probably acknowledge that there are remnants from years ago floating around in my technique and thinking. So it surprised and thrilled me to have a piece of work selected for a local exhibition. The thing that blew me away was the company I was in. 

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My studio

Welcome to my studio, well, it’s less a studio and rather a corner in the dining room of my very small two bedroomed terrace in Manchester UK. There is a bit of a myth I have found amongst people that are skirting around the edges and pondering the prospect of making art that to be an artist you have to have a dedicated studio and lots of ‘free time’.

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Getting started (again)

I used to paint many years ago. It was something that I really couldn’t go a day without. But then I stopped. It wasn’t anything dramatic, I just lost interest. The problem I had back then was that I reached a point where I didn’t know what to paint so I ran out of steam. 

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