Hanging around with talent


It’s pretty early days in the second chapter of my attempt at making art, in fact im really only a fledgling although I should probably acknowledge that there are remnants from years ago floating around in my technique and thinking. So it surprised and thrilled me to have a piece of work selected for a local exhibition. The thing that blew me away was the company I was in. Very talented and established artists who’s work I greatly admire. The impact has really fired me up about the possibilities for painting and I’m grateful to the curator for seeing enough of something in my work to give it a shot.

I guess life is full of surprises and as long as we keep enjoying what we are doing little gifts like this will always enter our lives.

If you fancy taking a look, pop along to:




  1. May 3, 2016 - Reply

    Nice article ! Thank you..

  2. May 8, 2016 - Reply

    excelente artículo.

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