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Welcome to my studio, well, it’s less a studio and rather a corner in the dining room of my very small two bedroomed terrace in Manchester UK. There is a bit of a myth I have found amongst people that are skirting around the edges and pondering the prospect of making art that to be an artist you have to have a dedicated studio and lots of ‘free time’.

My view is that if it’s a passion, then those barriers simply disappear. For example, the first studio in my creative rebirth was a sketchbook. Simply a book that enabled me to capture ideas and improve my drawing, that was enough to get started. Then when I was ready for canvas I made a studio in the corner of a room and started to paint. It’s not glamorous, certainly not a showcase of interior design, but as way to support my creative output it’s perfect for now. Time could also be a barrier, after all I have a real job, I’m raising three kids and I still have to get very domestic on a daily basis, but I want to paint so I simply do it. I would encourage anyone who has a burning desire to make art to just grab the opportunity. Just as I did, you will soon realise that those barriers were not actually getting in the way at all.

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